Enderlin Area Schools

October 21,  2019


Results from the Regional Cross-Country Track meet:

Dakota Claus 159/181 29:04.60
Elle Friederichs 158/181 28:57.47
Genevieve Gruba 153/181 28:27.93
Kiana Olson 134/181 27:28.29

Josiah Olson 180/217 25:14.30
Eli Christensen 140/217 23:28.19
Donald Worrell 72/217 20:43.53
Lane McCleary All Region Team 7/217 18:40.55


One Act team members check today’s board for assignments.  Tech after school will be at the hall. Practice tonight for all cast will be in the lunchroom.


Today’s 5thand 6th grade girls’ basketball game is in Hope.


Tomorrow is Pink Day.


There will be a Yearbook Signing Party Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. outside of Mrs. Kraft’s room.  Admission is $3.00


Enderlin boys’ and girls’ basketball clothing store will be open until October 30th. and type in ebkb


Archery Clothing Fundraiser: A small portion of each item purchased comes back to the archery program.  We are saving up to buy 3D targets!  The archery program has about 60 kids involved, so your contribution directly affects about 20% of the students at EAS!


Today’s Lunch Menu:  Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Peaches, & Salad Bar


This is a website for our school calendar activities:




Monday, October 21

  • 5/6 Girls BB at Hope-Page (Hope)                 Megan in Bus 13                     leave at 3:20

Tuesday, October 22

  • PINK DAY!!
  • 5/6 GBB at Maple Valley                    TBD in Bus 13                         leave at 3:30pm
  • Volleyball vs Richland                                                                         6:00pm

Wednesday, October 23

  • Gr. 4-6 Assembly                                MN Science Museum             1:30pm

Thursday, October 24

  • Volleyball at Oak Grove                      Nicole in Eagles 1                   leave at 3:00pm

Friday, October 25

  1. End of 1st Quarter
  2. Tech Council Meeting                                                                         8:00am
  3. Volleyball vs Tri-State                                                                         4:45pm
  4. Cross Country State Meet                  Michaela in Eagles 1              leave at TBD

Saturday, October 26

  1. Cross Country State Meet                  Michaela in Eagles 1
  2. 5/6 GBB Tournament (Page)             Parents drive