Enderlin Education Association Scholarship

Enderlin Education Association Scholarship

In the 1999-2000 school year, the Enderlin Education Association (EEA) created a scholarship under the management of the Enderlin Education Association.  The purpose of the scholarship is to stimulate student interest in the field of education.  The amount of the scholarship depends on the amount that is available.  This amount has ranged from $300 to $500.


The renewable scholarship will be awarded annually to a college junior or senior enrolled in the College of Education, of his or her choice.


To be considered for EEA scholarship, the following criteria must be met:


1. The recipient must have attended Enderlin Area School for the final

two years of high school and be a current resident of the area.


2. The recipient must be accepted into the College of Education from

the college of choice and fulfilled all the requirements to be

admitted into the College of Education.  Please submit verification

of acceptance into the College of Education from your college



3.  Write a one-page paper on “Why I Want to be an Educator?”


4. Submit a list of activities and community service you have

participated in since graduating from high school.  Indicate if

you belong to any student professional organizations.


5. Submit the application to the Enderlin Education Association

Scholarship Committee by September 30.  The address is

EEA Scholarship Committee, Enderlin Area School, 410 Bluff

Street, Enderlin, ND 58027-1399.


6. It is further stipulated that the amount available for the scholarship

will be paid directly to the recipient’s college or university.